The IPTSCA presents our first Farm to Table Brunch Party…

Sunday, October 21, 2018 from 10:00am-1:00pm.

Join us for a 3-course Brunch of fresh delicious foods from the garden. We’ve got some great recipes for you….

Children will have a separate venue where they will harvest and prepare their own meal- salad, pizza and drinks!

Buy your tickets now and RSVP to the Farm to Table Brunch Facebook event.

Ticket Designation




We are excited for this year’s IPTSCA! Please read through our newsletter at the bottom to get to know us and some of the goals for this year.

Join us Sunday, August 26 for the first IPTSCA Meeting of the school year! More information and RSVP here.

This year the team has decided to have IPTSCA meetings in conjunction with Atlanta Masjid’s Sunday Ta’leems.  This will allow us to interact with not only school parents but the community as well.  Each meeting will have a focused topic that is directly linked to the acronym IPTSCA.  More details to come, tentative dates below!

 August 26- I(Islamic)PTSCA, Islamic focused

 October 28-IP (Parent) TSCA, Parent Focused

 December 30- IPT (Teacher)SCA, Teacher Focused

 February 24- IPTS (Student)CA, Student Focused

 April 28- IPTSC (Community)A, Community Focused

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