About Us

The Mohammed Schools fundraising team is a group established to provide oversight and advisement to the managers of the fundraising events. The fundraising team reports to the Consultative Board of the Mohammed Schools.

Mission:  Our mission is to inspire community members to embrace the concept of doing for self by providing significant financial support to the Mohammed Schools.
Vision: our vision is to establish a lucrative business that will fund Mohammed Schools of Atlanta by December 31, 2018
Fundraising Goals for the Year: To raise a total of $230,000 profit from fundraising efforts for the 2014-2015 academic year.
Aleathia Muhammad – President
Zakiyyah Numan – Treasurer
Linda Abdul Azeez – Secretary

Calendar of Events – Fundraisers for the Year

Road Race for Education – September 1, 2014 – goal $16,000
Holiday Bake Sale – delivery for the Thanksgiving Holiday – goal $5,000
RISE of our STARS – February 2015 –  goal $10,000
Moonlight Ball – Power of Ten – May 2015 – goal $100,000
Alumni Reunion Week – July 2015 – goal $100,000

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Aleathia Muhammad – President
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