IMG_1289THE MIDDLE SCHOOL believes in and promotes an appropriately rigorous and challenging course of study, as well as a supportive, nurturing academic environment. Students experience an excellent and relevant curriculum balanced in content knowledge and skill development.

Including gender-specific classes is important at this middle grades level of education to help the students learn with a serious focus on their potential as budding leaders. The curriculum is appropriately differentiated at each grade level and combines required classes in Arabic, English, Islamic Studies, Mathematics, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, and the Visual Arts with electives in Music, Band, and the Performing Arts.

Arabic Department

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Islamic Studies Department
The Middle Grades Islamic Studies courses are designed to build upon students’ knowledge and understanding of Islam, its principles, practices and rites, the Prophets of Allah and their messages, and the practical application of such material.

  • Islam Belief & Teachings
  • Islamic Life
  • How Do I Live Islam?

Language Arts Department
ALL Middle School students are required to take a year-long course in Language Arts which focuses on reading and writing, infused with daily practice and application of grammar and punctuation. In addition to students reading a specific selection of texts, i.e. novels, short stories, essays, a mandatory, weekly reading log of non-curriculum literature is also incorporated into the Language Arts curriculum on all grade levels.

  • Language Arts Grade 6
  • Language Arts Grade 7
  • Language Arts Grade 8

Mathematics Department
Our courses encourage students to learn mathematics by doing mathematics, by applying and connecting mathematical ideas, and by actively increasing their understanding and critical thinking and analysis. Through continual review and daily practice, our curriculum will strengthen students’ grasps of concepts, improve their flexibility to work with several mathematical concepts at a time, and improve their long-term retention of concepts. In doing so, students will become fluent in the language of mathematics and leave the classroom with knowledge and power over their own learning.

  • Progress in Mathematics Grade 6
  • Progress in Mathematics Grade 7
  • Fundamentals of Algebra: Course I
  • Foundations of Algebra: Course II
  • Algebra I

Science Department

  • Earth Science
  • Life Science
  • Physical Science

Social Studies Department

  • World Regions
  • Ancient Civilizations
  • United States Government & Civics/ Georgia History

The Fine Arts Department
A yearlong course or two semester courses are required in all four grades.

Physical Education Department
ALL Middle School students are required to take four years of physical education & health. The courses are single-gendered classes and incorporate dance, music and fitness within the Physical Education curriculum.