Sister Clara Mohammed Elementary School is a wonderful place where 1st to 5th grade students can explore, engage, be excited, and grow as young leaders. Our school is a place where all children are charged with the responsibility to learn and gain all that they can while they are vicegerents (change agents) on earth.   Our school is best known for promoting Islamic education where every subject includes the principles of Al-Qur’an and practical application as the foundation.  The Elementary School program includes a rigorous focus on mathematics, reading, social studies, Islamic studies, Science, and character development.

We follow the theory of the late Imam W.Deen Mohammed who said, “Establishing a sense of self makes living easier.”  For our students, this “sense of self” includes study and appreciation of the culture, contributions, and history of Muslims and people of African descent.  All lessons are based on the Qur’an which gives a student a greater appreciation of his/her role as a change agent, another way to develop that “sense of self.”

Because 21st century learners need rigorous engagement, our classes are project based and require students to be problem solvers in their hands-on learning experience. The standard curriculum includes building a strong foundation in reading and writing, mathematics, social studies, Islamic studies, and Science. The elementary program also includes Arabic, music and art._DSC0957