Partnership with Parents and community

Mohammed Schools is a school built upon community involvement, and encourages the input and participation of parents and community members. We have an outstanding Islamic Parent, Teachers, Students, Community Association (IPTSCA) that fosters a strong partnership between parents and their children and the school and the community. This approach has expanded the horizon of students in the classroom as well as opened doors for on-the-job training opportunities with community businesses and social organizations. W.D. Mohammed students manage businesses, direct and host cable television programs, supervise youth camps, lead religious services, organize youth conventions, coordinate fundraising activities, and offer peer tutoring and peer mediation through a variety of community service organizations and business programs.

We follow the example of Prophet Muhammed (SWA) of 1400 years ago who taught, “Whatever the Muslim endeavors to do, he seeks to perfect it.” Every student is encouraged to seek the best, be the best, and do the best.

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